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This week on the LOS Cast , I talk with Dr David Baxter, Associate Professor of Innovation at Southampton Business School on the impact of remote / telework on organisations and individuals.
You can watch the full cast here:

In this talk you will learn:

• How does it impact organisations
• The human contact element of remote work
• Digital Nomad Visa for travelling work
• Recruitment platform for nomads
• The impact of gigs & freelance work
• Onboarding cost of recruitment to
• Holiday and remote working
• Ghost work in AI & Tech company
• The changing landscape of work with remote working
• The global recruitment benefit
• The value of getting people in the same location
• The Cabinet office guideline PAS 3000 for remote working.
• And finally the impact of tele /remote work on the individuals.. it is good or bad?
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Easy options are not always the best options. Here are just 7 reasons why:

It is easy to eat junk food.

It it easy not to exercise.

It is easy to be busy with no time for yourself or your loved ones.

It is easy to hurt someone’s feeling.

It is easy to be lazy.

It is easy to stay in the old boring job.

And it is easy to watch TV all day.

Eventually by choosing an easy life, life gets harder. 

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Nearly four months since @leaverstoleaders was published and became an International best seller. I am glad to say we are officially supporting AfriEdx as part of our aim for a sustainable development by enabling children in remote areas to have access to primary & secondary education using VR & AR technology.
From my humble upbringing in Mauritius, (part of the African community) I am privileged to have transitioned from the government sector, social sector & business sector. I believe it is businesses & entrepreneurs who can really impact change positively in the world.

This now aligns @leaverstoleaders with a goal bigger than my company which will be also be extended to my partners & suppliers. February 2020, I will be taking a 20 delegates of 20 for a 10 days life changing retreat in support of AfriEdx & personal development to Mauritius. If you want to join me, get in touch or DM me.
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While the debate about the future of work continues to get plenty of media coverage, much of it is of the alarmist ‘the robots are coming to take your job’ version. It makes for good press and interesting, populist stories. There are three things to think about if you have 10+ years left to work or run your business. I call them the WWW, not the world wide web or wild wild west Work, Workforce & Workplace.

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