Be Prepared To Change Course But Have A Destination In Mind

When you set off to either start a new career, new job and you are in transition, sometimes things never work out the way you want them to be.

Same as a cruise ship itinerary is set months in advance, timely logistics are put in place in terms of berthing, resupply, embarkation & disembarkation. The list is long. But sometime things do not always go according to plan and the ship is delayed, or totally miss its port of call.

In 2001, I set off to get an MBA and end up joining the British armed forces. I gained and learned much more than an MBA could have taught me about life, people and myself. After I left I wanted to start an import and export business, travel the world but failed. Now I travel and run events and workshops around the world. But Still no MBA.

You see nothing goes according to plan in life, you cannot even predict the next hour even if you are at home, on the road or in the workplace. Things are constantly changing.

As a leader, you need to be prepared to change course but always have a destination in mind. One of my company sell retail cruise, and sometime I come across those cruises where you eat, drink, be merry enjoying some of the night entertainments while the ship drifts round in circle for a few days. I call them a cruise to nowhere.

When you are in transition, you need to have a destination in mind otherwise you will go around in circle and it is not as fun as on a cruise ship. Set off on your journey have a destination in mind and be prepared to change course.

Samuel T. Reddy

Entrepreneur/Author/Speaker/ Advisor

The above is an exempt from my book -Leavers 2 Leaders: 7 steps to revolutionise yourself while in Transition.


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