Regardless of the stages of life, your circumstances or even your abilities, you should always plan your career.

I see many people who get so comfortable in their career that they stop planning ahead and park. An example will be someone who works for a bank and has had a successful career. And then after 10 years, the job has just been automated:  trading the stock exchange and all of a sudden the algorithm is much better than people, they lose their job. Having to relearn much of what they’ve learned for the last 10 years—going back to the beginning in many, many ways. It’s giving up on not only what they’ve learned and accomplished, but on the perception of themselves.

To lead your career is to be ahead of change, and become proactive rather than reactive.

The most important investment that people can make is really in building this more flexible mind or personality. We need to get to know ourselves better and we need to generate this mental flexibility so we can reinvent ourselves. Don’t be limited by your past experience, use it to plan your career by leading opportunity, the #1 rule of Leavers To Leaders.
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