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One of the career principles I teach is – you have to let go of the good in order to embrace the great. I had to let of some of the things that I really enjoyed doing, businesses who were making good returns in order to make space for something great.

So what happens, one of the greatest obstacles to career change is comfort. Meaning, you got something working, it brings food on the table, pays the bills, but every monday feels like a pain.

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Regardless of the stages of life, your circumstances or even your abilities, you should always plan your career.

I see many people who get so comfortable in their career that they stop planning ahead and park. An example will be someone who works for a bank and has had a successful career.
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Over the last 20 years of transition, I’ve often heard, “I can’t have the career I want because I don’t have the right experience.”
I felt the same way when I began my career transition journey at the age of 22. It started broad, with wanting to better educate myself, or to own a business. Although these careers seemed vastly different, they all appealed to me.

Then I realised I was the main obstacle getting in the way of me pursuing my dream job.

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