Previous work on intergenerational fairness has sought to define generations by year of birth. The Intergenerational Commission defined the post war generations as the Baby Boomers, born between 1946–65, Generation X, born 1966–80, Millennials, born 1981–2000, and the Latest Generation, born since the year 2000. Whilst these neat birth cohorts are useful for statistical analysis, they do not fit with the reality of people’s experience or changes in demography over time. They do not take account of recent or future improvements in life expectancy or changes in social and policy expectations. For example, young people are entering the workplace later and a generally healthier population is blurring the barrier between retirement and working life. This approach has led to a failure to appreciate the changing needs of the so-called 100-year life1 and to plan accordingly. Read the full report below.


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Samuel T. Reddy

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