Frequent career transitions used to be a sign of failure but today, being career mobile and having a diverse array of experiences is not only common, but is rapidly becoming aspirational. Today’s leaders need to have a career matrix, with horizontal and vertical moves signifying depth and breadth of experience, skills and exposure to different markets.

I was once asked in a job interview
“Why didn’t you stay for longer?” Today I hear many employers asking candidates “Why did you stay in one role for so long and not stretch yourself?”

Career mobility is about expanding your career of competence.

To possess career mobility one needs to understand where one needs to grow, and self approval is where most people get stuck.

For most it is either parting with a lifestyle or a career. The hardest bit is getting organisations to understand the mountain of values you bring to the workplace. It is easily identified by looking at the intersection of your (skills / talents + Passions + Values = career sweet spot). Many move from job to job without actually discovering their career sweet spot. I know! I made that mistake 13 years ago as a veteran & in business.
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