Over the past two centuries, innovation has been in a constant cycle of transforming work, from the arrival of the internal combustion engine, electricity, telecommunications, and on.
Each time, painful labour market adjustments — for example, the loss of specific skill sets like weaving or typesetting or whole occupations such as blacksmiths and switchboard operators — were offset by gains in productivity and earnings, alongside safer working conditions, reduced work hours, and opportunities for more creative employment.

As we enter 2020, this is going to accelerate and one of the best way for anyone to remain relevant is to ‘stop reacting to change and instead be the change in your life’.

This mean focusing on your skills & talents, rather than technical skills. Understand that  Career development is about live in the moment understanding that your passion will change at different stage of your life.

This is a perfect time to ask yourself:
Why do you get up every morning?
What impact do you want to make?
And does this potential career fit that?

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