The Could be, Should be, must be mindset.

Shift from where you are at to the ‘could be‘ mindset to the wondering stage, you have to take away all previous beliefs, restrictions and insecurities and shred away all these limiting mindset to achieve wonder mindset.

Could be mindset.

When you start to see things, the could be mindset kicks in. The could be gives you clarity. The could be stage is what I love to do most, do best, discover my talents, passion & values. Then you will begin to see things.

Should be mindset.

Should be’ is believing that this should be once you have clarity, it is about feelings.

Finally the must be mindset.

The ‘must be’ is about doing, it is making it happen…, it is the absolute breakthrough.
Should be mindset is not good enough, until it becomes a ‘must be’.

The must be is the clarity and forward thinking mindset. ~Samuel T. Reddy

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