Career development is an important part of life,
the time you spend at work often exceeds the time you are with the most precious people in your life. Nobody wants to be tied up to a bad career for life. When you are unhappy doing what you spend 40 or more hours a week doing, it will wear you down.

What you want is a better life, a place where you are valued and rewarded, hence anyone thinking of a career change should treat it as a business plan. Have a strategy.

But, before you pen your letter of resignation and turn in your two weeks notice, you need to know some tell-tale signs that can indicate you’re ready for a change.

1. You feel complacent.

2. You feel frustrated & may be undervalued.

3. You idle in place.

4. You make poor decisions.

5. You take work home with you (different from remote working).

6. Mondays are getting harder.

7. Your job is harming your health & relationship.

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Samuel T. Reddy

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